June 16, 2012

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

The Full Belly Workshop
Saturday morning volunteers
Jock Brandis with bucket of peanuts
Dave with UV scanner box
Colin assembling UV scanner box
Opening up the top lid of UV scanner box
UV scanner box - top inside view

Hand-held corn-husker
Universal Nut Sheller - packaged for flight
UV scanner prototype - overview
UV scanner prototype - peanut loading tray

June 19, 2012

Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Juan and Carlos testing concrete

Mixing concrete for hardening test

rural Chiquimula, Guatemala
Mountain view from Chiquimula

Peanut plants in Chiquimula
Meeting with farmers in Chiquimula
Large peanut field in Chiquimula
Close-up of peanut crop in Chiquimula
Peanut crop with corn rows mixed in
Town of Chiquimula
Peanut storage in Chiquimula
Electric fan for ventilation in Chiquimula storage site
Plastic threaded peanut storage bags in Chiquimula
Close-up of plastic threaded storage bags used in Chiquimula
Peanut pile for shelling on floor in Chiquimula storage site
Motorized peanut shellers in Chiquimula storage site
Drying shelled peanuts ready for peeling in Chiquimula
Wood-fueled stove for peanut roasting in Chiquimula
Soaking peanuts for salting in Chiquimula
Traffic on car ride back to Zacapa

June 20, 2012

Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Robert and Juan assembling UV scanner
Attaching tray sliders to UV scanner box
Taping black cloth covers into UV scanner box
Setting up the small UV insert

Attaching UV filters to small UV light array
Robert and Colin with completed UV scanner box
Roasted peanut sample from Chiquimula

Crushing shelled peanuts for AflaCheck test

Crushed peanut sample for AflaCheck test
Shaking peanut sample for AflaCheck test

Peanut sample extract next to initial AflaCheck test
Initial false negative AflaCheck tests of peanut sample from Chiquimula
Alcohol used for initial tests - incorrect solvent
Working on UV scanner box, final setup for testing
Preliminary aflatoxin screening tests with UV scanner
Peanut samples collected for lab testing

June 21, 2012

Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Paleontology Museum in Estanzuela

Prehistoric whale fossil in Estanzuela museum

Robert next to fossils in Estanzuela museum
Giant sloth in Estanzuela museum

Estanzuela farmers listening to peanut presentation

Meeting in Estanzuela mayor's office
Zacapa, Zacapa, Guatemala

Bullet hole in hotel window in Zacapa

Robert and Carlos saying goodbye

June 22, 2012

Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Junior and Juan assembling the UNS mold
Measuring cement for the concrete mixture
Danilo mixing cement, sand to make concrete
Pouring concrete mixture into UNS molds
Finished pouring concrete for UNS molds
Watermelon plants with young mango trees mixed in
Mango trees in Estanzuela
Exotic bird farm in Estanzuela
Parrot canopy with peacocks outside
Peacock in Estanzuela
Exotic turkey-like bird
Fox and raccoon taking a nap
Ostriches on Estanzuela farm
Colin trying to avoid getting pecked by an ostrich
Close-up of an ostrich
Cattle farm in Estanzuela
Cattle grazing in field
Calves grazing in pasture with mountain view
Cattle approaching the pickup truck
Corn farming in Estanzuela
Colin and Luis using wire brush to rough sides of UNS turning piece

UNS turning piece with rough sides

UNS concrete parts set to harden in water overnight

June 23, 2012

rural Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Luis' cattle farm in Estanzuela
Rooster and chicken area
Rope bucket well on cattle farm in Estanzuela
Cattle feed area

Monbasa field for cattle grazing
Monbasa plant close-up
Luis on cattle field
Cattle grazing on monbasa field
Luis petting one of the friendly cattle
Pig trailer in Estanzuela
Field for cantaloupe
Mango tree farm in Estanzuela
Men working on okra field in Estanzuela
Young okra field
Mature okra plant
Flowering okra plant
Irrigation canals around farms in Estanzuela

Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Entrance to cemetary in Estanzuela

Estanzuela cemetary calles
Colorful houses in Estanzuela cemetary
Close-up of family burial monument in Estanzuela cemetary
Estanzuela town square
Luis' house where I am staying in Estanzuela
Diana, Ariana, and a friend swimming in the backyard pool
View of Estanzueala from Luis' house

Chiquimula, Chiquimula, Guatemala

Dude in front of us hitching a ride to Chiquimula
Mall near Chiquimula
Food court in Chiquimula mall
Ariana playing in a giant bubble at the Chiquimula mall
Town of Chiquimula
Driving through town of Chiquimula
Street vendors in Chiquimula

June 24, 2012

Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Room where I am staying in Luis' house

Luis' house - Kitchen
Luis' house - Living room
UNS mold in front of pool behind Luis' house

Pasa Bien, Zacapa, Guatemala

Fresh Empanadas
River Pasabien
Waterfall in River Pasabien
Rapids in River Pasabien
Downstream view in River Pasabien
Luis and family in River Pasabien

Diana, Ariana, and Luis' wife Aura sitting in River Pasabien
Me swimming in River Pasabien 
Me in the deeper part of the river
People hanging out in River Pasabien
Mountain view of River Pasabien

rural Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Papaya plants in Estanzuela
Cacti trees in Estanzuela
Ceiba - Guatemala's national tree
Cantaloupe fields in Estanzuela
Guayacan tree on cattle farm in Estanzuela
Mario at his cattle farm in Estanzuela 
Cattle feed area

June 25, 2012

Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Juan putting machine grease in the top metal piece of the UNS
Assembling the UNS - checking for centering
Building the table for the UV scanner box
Finished table at the carpenter's workshop
Junior next to completed UV scanner box on table
Peanut sample without UV light
Peanut sample with UV light
Peanut samples under UV light comparison

rural Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Green pepper farm with insect netting
Green pepper plants inside the insect netting
Drip irrigation for green pepper farm
Green pepper close-up
Irrigation canals around green pepper farm
Pickup truck tour of city corn fields
Drip irrigation for city corn fields
City corn field vista
Yuca field in Estanzuela

June 26, 2012

rural Chiquimula, Guatemala

Good peanuts from Costa Sur
Bad peanuts from Peten - shelled
Good peanuts from Peten - shelled
Freddie weighing out bags of peanuts for testing
Juan and Freddie discussing Guatemalan peanuts
 in the Chiquimula storage site

Chiquimula, Chiquimula, Guatemala

Picking up juice boxes at the Chiquimula warehouse
Juan's truck loaded with peanut samples, juice boxes

June 27, 2012

Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

View inside UV scanner box - right side
View inside UV scanner box - left side

Close-up of contaminated peanuts 1
Close-up of contaminated peanuts 2
Preparing peanut samples for testing
Peanut sample bags from different regions
UNS - fully assembled
Junior operating the UNS to obtain
machine-shelled peanuts for testing
Hand-shelling peanuts for testing
Peanut samples in ice-cooler
2 peanut shellers, one partially and one completely assembled
UV scanner set up for testing
UNS kit ready for construction
UNS mold with instructions for Spanish, English,
and motor-powered option
Receiving an award of recognition
from the Mayor of Estanzuela

Award for The Full Belly Project
from the town of Estanzuela

Meeting with the city council of Estanzuela
Thank-you letter from the Mayor of Estanzuela

June 28, 2012

Estanzuela, Zacapa, Guatemala

Saying goodbye to Luis and his family
Río Hondo, Zacapa, Guatemala

Bus station in Río Hondo

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  1. Muchas gracias Colin por mostrar parte de mi querido pueblo y mi familia fue un gusto para mi y mi familia que allas compartido con nosotros y la gente de la municipalidad, ya sabes aca tienes una casa donde venir cuando quieras o alguno de tus amigos de full belly proyect, las puertas de este pueblo estan abiertas para ustedes , fue un gusto......... luis Aguirre.