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My name is Colin Pawlowski and I live in Wilmington, NC.  This past spring, I completed my second year at Yale University.  I'm majoring in Math, and I am taking pre-med courses as well.  I do not know what I want to do after college yet, but I am interested in engineering, medicine, and applied math. 

I found out about The Full Belly Project a few years ago when I was a junior at Hoggard High School in 2009.  After that, I became a regular volunteer at the Full Belly workshop in downtown Wilmington, coming in to work on various projects most Saturday mornings with a few other high school students, including Connor Brex, Andrew Costagno, and Drew Kibler.  My first summer, we worked together on a Full Belly R&D project testing percussion well-drilling techniques.  Although we tried a million different designs, they mostly resulted with ourselves getting incredibly muddy, and my parents were convinced that we were actually working in the coal mines.  The following school year, I worked on a project to build and test a bio-fuel powered stovetop which burned peanut shells for fuel.  I presented the finished product for my Senior research project during high school. 

 After high school, I have continued to work on an array of various projects with Jock Brandis and The Full Belly Project for the past two summers, mostly helping out with R&D building and testing different devices.  Last summer in 2011, I worked on the Gravity Water Pump and the Solar Water Pump, and for a few days I traveled with Jock Brandis and Toby Keeton to test both of these devices on a kudzu farm in Rutherford County, NC. 

Currently, I am working with The Full Belly Project to test a few different aflatoxin-reduction methods which need to be field-tested.  To obtain hard data on the average percent reduction in aflatoxin for each of the Full Belly technologies, I am traveling to Guatemala to do the testing.  I am collaborating on this project with Vanderbilt University that is providing ground support for me during my trip, which is scheduled for June 17 - July 1. 

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